Nike Mercurial Lite Superlock Shin Guards – NOCSAE

Part # CK2167 486 by Nike

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Nike Mercurial Lite SuperLock Soccer Shin Guards

These blue/white Nike Mercurial Lite Superlock Soccer Shinguards are an artform. We've known for a long time that Nike makes the best guards in the game but this guard takes things to a whole new level. You'd be forgiven for being tempted to wear the guards OVER your socks just to show them off, they're so good looking and awesome. The Nike Mercurial Lite SuperLock Soccer Shin Guards help reduce distractions during the game. SuperLock technology attaches the shells to your sock fibers — reducing layers and securing grip to keep them in place. Carved foam has fine-tuned curvature and thickness for a natural profile. For the finest in Soccer Shin Guards, look no further than!

Hand Wash

SuperLock technology locks into sock fibers to help keep guards from sliding.

Flexible shells mold to the curvature of your legs for a natural fit.

Materials: Shell: 55% K resin/23% polyurethane/22% EVA.

Sleeve: 65% polyester/19% rubber/16% spandex.


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