Nike Mercurial Superfly 6 Pro FG – Euphoria Pack

Part # AH7368 801 by Nike

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Nike Superfly 6 Pro FG

People have a breaking point. Sometimes it's with price, they just don't want to go past a certain pricepoint when it comes to buying soccer cleats and that's a fair argument because many elite shoes can be pretty expensive regardless of how much income you've got. Sometimes that breaking point can be with dealing with poor soccer cleats that are so-called cheap. Here, we present you with a shoe that isn't necessarily going to bust the bank but still performs 100% like an elite boot. The Euphoria pack Nike Superfly 6 Pro FG Soccer Cleats. A value option that is powerful and speedy. Everything you want from a soccer cleat.

Speed rib swiftness is what comes with these boots. The micro-textured, premium synthetic and fabric upper of the Nike Superfly 6 Pro FG wraps underneath your foot for a second-skin-like fit. A 2-part podular plate system utilizes chevron studs for speed in every step, while embossed speed ribs from heel to toe make your boot look as fast as you feel.

A lot of shoes have tested the Nike Mercurial Superfly but none have broken the dominance, these boots are greatness, get them now.

Micro-textured, premium synthetic and fabric upper creates a second-skin-like feeling.
Podular plates mirror foot’s shape and provide responsive traction.
Embossed speed ribs flow from toe to heel.
Flyknit Dynamic Fit Collar links the foot and lower leg while leaving the ankle free to move.
Chevron studs facilitate bursts of speed and quick stops.


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