Nike Mercurial Touch Victory Goalkeeper Gloves – White/Black

Part # GS3885 100 by Nike

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Nike Mercurial Goalkeeper Touch Victory Soccer Gloves

Even though it might not be relevant, we still have to tell you this story about how we got into Goalkeeper Gloves and gear. We had already made our bones as the best #10 in the soccer world. We were the guys who had the best leather soccer shoes and beautiful jerseys and such. Everyone clapped for us because we were the greatest then one day Sergio walked into our lives. Sergio is our soccer loving squirrel. A squirrel changed our lives. He took over the number 10 role by playing so well and displaying such ball control that we had no choice but to back off from that. Then he brought all his buddies to take over the other outfield positions and we were left with playing in goal. It may not have started as planned but we love goalkeeping and Nike's the best at it. That long, crazy story brings us to these gloves. The Under the Radar pack gloves.

Save with speed. The Nike Mercurial Goalkeeper Touch Victory Soccer Gloves feature soft foam on the palms for enhanced grip in all conditions. Their reversed stitching wraps around the hands for a snug fit and feel.

We're goalkeepers. We love the position. We love this glove. Buy it.

Back of the hands stretches easily so you can move naturally.

Reversed stitching creates a second-skin fit.

Soft foam on the palms offers great grip and ball feel.



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