Nike Mercurial Vapor 12 Academy FG – Euphoria Pack

Part # AH7375 801 by Nike

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Nike Vapor 12 Academy MG Multi-Ground Soccer Cleat

We've noticed that effectively communicating with people involves being able to listen to their desires, what they want. Listening is a very major part of communication. We've listened for a long time to many soccer players complain about the high price of soccer boots. We've heard them say that boots that are cheap can often be pure undiluted garbage. We've heard them call cheap boots ugly and undesirable. That deficit between the elite shoes and the bottom of the rung may never be totally closed up but we're at a place now with Nike where the gap is much closer than ever before. That means a shoe like this Nike Vapor 12 Academy MG Boot is better than it's ever been before. It's quality and looks have risen to the top!

The fitness for speed of these boots is a treasure. The Nike Vapor 12 Academy MG features an anchored tongue and a synthetic upper that wraps your foot for a streamlined fit straight out of the box. A 2-part podular plate system provides propulsive traction at every step.

There are many great variations of Nike Mercurial Vapor soccer cleats around today, this one is a good one to train in and even play a match in a pinch, buy it now.

Anchored tongue stays in place for a consistent fit.

Micro-textured upper provides precise touch at high speeds.

Podular plate system creates propulsive traction.

High outsole wrap on the toe enhances durability.

Chevron and circular studs are designed for both natural- and artificial-grass pitches.


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