Nike Merlin Match Ball – EPL – White/Blue/Purple

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Nike Merlin EPL Match Ball

Ah the English Premier League! The competition! The pageantry! The rivalries! From Brighton to Newcastle,  Manchester to North London, fans are ready for another awesome EPL campaign! To go with it, a great new Nike English Premier League Match Ball! If players like Salah, De Bruyne, Pogba, and Kane are going to be playing with it, then think of the quality this ball must have! This new edition looks great, and is certain to be splashing in the back of the net in more places than just England this year! This ball is made with cutting-edge technology to increase control and reduce drag. A four-panel construction enlarges the striking surface and reduces drag via fewer seams. Aerowtrac grooves create a more consistent flight track and spin. Nike has also made sure you'll have better control in all weather by imbuing the ball with their ACC technology! Probably a good thing too, since England is known to be rather damp at times. This ball is sure to excel, whether it's in your backyard or on a rainy Wednesday night in Stoke! Order this soccer ball today!

4-panel construction reduces seams and enlarges the striking surface

3-D ink patterns apply variations for increased control.

Nike Aerowtrac grooves for more consistency in ball spin

Foam casing consists of multiple layers of polyurethane bonded together with a cloth backer

ACC upper technology for better control in all weather conditions

Latex bladder wrapped in cloth maintains air pressure more consistently than traditional rubber bladders, keeping the ball shape spherical.


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