Nike Merlin Match Soccer Ball – Hi-Vis

Part # SC3303 710 by Nike

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Hi Vis Merlin Match Soccer Ball 2018/19

We just need to be noisy and share awesomeness with you for an unrelenting minute. This 2018/19 Nike Hi Vis Merlin Match Soccer Ball is such a blast. This may be the most fun ball we've ever had since we started kicking balls for fun when we were little young guns. We are scared by how much we love this ball. It is not a controversial statement around here when we call it the most fun ball. It's also very good in ability. Everything about this ball screams competence and fun. What a ball it is. It is a party to own. With fewer seams and a bigger sweet spot, this ball is a blast to own. Tech innovation arrives on the pitch in the Nike Merlin Football. Taking traditional 12-panel construction to a 4-panel configuration substantially reduces seams and opens up a wider striking surface. Aerowtrac grooves keep the ball flying where you want it to go, while 3-D ink patterns strategically raise the texture in certain zones for enhanced boot-to-ball interaction. Get this ball and other superb Soccer Balls from SoccerPro always.

4-panel construction reduces seams and enlarges the striking surface.

variations in texture for targeted control.

Nike Aerowtrac grooves allow consistency in ball spin.

Foam casing consists of multiple layers of polyurethane bonded together with a cloth backer.

Latex bladder wrapped in cloth maintains air pressure more consistently than traditional rubber bladders, keeping the ball shape spherical.



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