Nike Merlin Premium Match Soccer Ball – White/Obsidian/Blue Fury

Part # SC3635 100 by Nike

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Nike Merlin Soccer Ball 2019/20

The last few Nike Merlin Premium Match Soccer Balls left an indelible mark in the hearts and minds of all who saw them. They were a joy to play with, they held their form brilliantly, they were beautiful, and they gave the players some really epic matches. Take all of those great qualities and magnify them by ten times and you'll begin to get an idea of what this ball is.

Of all the Nike Soccer Balls we've played with over the years, this one is the 'goodest'. So good, it leaves us discombobulated and unable to speak, jaws dropped firmly to the ground. The Nike Merlin Ball is the cutting edge in ACC tech. Features Aerowtrac grooves and a micro-textured casing for true flight, accuracy, and control. The seamless 4-panel design yields excellent response and maximizes the striking surface. Fewer panels mean fewer seams, creating more sweet spots for contact. And no seams means the ball is all sweet spot. Technically, the ball is comprised of just four fuse-welded components that create a bigger “sweet spot” for improved accuracy, control and range, while Aerowtrack grooves give the ball a steadier flight path when traveling through the air.

It is a super awesome ball, we really mean it. You'll see how great it is when you get a hold of it, buy yours today!

4-panel construction reduces seams and enlarges the striking surface

3-D ink patterns apply variations in texture for targeted control

Nike Aerow Trac grooves allow consistency in ball spin

ACC (All Conditions Control) tech

Foam casing has a cloth backer

Latex bladder maintains pressure and shape more consistently than rubber bladders


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