The Nike – 1971

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Nike Re-Creates an Icon- The Nike 1971

Just in time for Holiday season, Nike has dropped a real treat into our hands! "The Nike 1971" is a re-creation of Nike's foray into the soccer world (and first shoe to feature the Swoosh!). It isn't often that you get a chance to own a piece of soccer history, and that chance won't last long, with Nike only producing 1971 pairs of these collector's items. The Nike 1971 has amazing details that highlight the origins of their first soccer shoe, which was ultimately not very great. But Nike doesn't take "L's", they take lessons, and built the powerhouse that they are in soccer today from a shoe that ended up being unsuccessful. The details go as far as including a custom box and a special keychain that throws it back to the factory the shoes were made in: the Canada Footwear Factory in Mexico. Being made in Mexico, the boots did not hold up well in the American winter, with the soleplate cracking in virtually the same place with every returned pair. These are definitely not intended for your next pickup game, but they would be a great pick up for any soccer history lover out there. They also only come in size 9. So get your piece of Nike soccer nostalgia today!  

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