Nike Ordem V Match Ball – White/Laser Orange

Part # SC3128 100 by Nike

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Nike Ordem V Official Match Ball

  Nike Ordem V Football
The latest evolution of the Nike Ordem soccer ball has us as excited as we've ever been about a ball! We're all here chanting "Long live the chief!" at this ball. It is quite a sight for weary eyes watching us perform like so but we are SoccerPro and we know our soccer balls and the fact that we're reacting this way to this ball ought to tell you a thing or two about how fabulous this is!

With an enhanced bladder, the Ordem V is the finest Nike Soccer Ball yet. It delivers optimal touch and feel. Its Nike Aerowtrac grooves deliver accurate flight while the Distorted Motion Graphic helps you track the ball by flickering as it moves. It also has geometric precision that distributes pressure evenly for accurate, powerful strikes. The fuse-welded synthetic leather casing offers optimal touch for maximum response. The ball has a 6-wing, carbon-latex air chamber which provides explosive acceleration off o the foot and superior air retention.

This ball is the truth and we are SoccerPro, the guys who know all there is to know about soccer. When we say, you need this ball, trust us. Buy it right now!






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