Nike Phantom GT 2 DF Pro FG – Generation Pack

Part # DR5958 810 by Nike

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Generations Pack Nike Phantom GT2 Dynamic Fit Pro Firm Ground Cleats

Play like a pro this season with these sweet Nike Phantom GT2 Soccer Cleats from the Generations pack! Celebrating the game's biggest competition has never been easier with a pair of boots that are going to be worn by some of your favorite players on the pitches of Qatar. These sweet boots feature a futuristic look that connects you to the legends of the past, present, and future of the beautiful game. Starting off on the upper of these boots, a black base makes way to show off the bold details and futuristic design of the boots. Sitting on this black upper are symbols that represent the tournament's host nation of Qatar and Nike's world headquarters to keep you and the stars of the tournament interconnected. Metallic Copper details sit on top of the black base offering you that bold and championship winning feeling with every step. Taking your game to the next level starts with a pair of the most well-designed and affordable Nike Soccer Shoes. Engineered to give you speed and power with ever single step, these boots will make your opponents feel like you should be on the pitches of Qatar this season. A super powerful upper on these Phantom GT boots features a super grippy texture that has been strategically placed throughout the entire upper giving you the most precise touch when you're dribbling, passing, and even scoring. Off-Center lacing makes its way on the top of the boots to give you a larger sweet spot so every shot can be stronger and more powerful than ever. Shop the Phantom GT and gear up for soccer greatness today!

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