Nike Phantom Luna Elite FG – White & Black with Total Orange

Part # FN8405 101 by Nike

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White & Black with Total Orange Nike Phantom Luna Elite Firm Ground Cleats

Unleashing the most undeniable playing making force on the pitch has never been easier than with these Nike Phantom Luna soccer cleats. The Phantom silo is getting an upgrade that makes sure players far and wide get the feeling and style needed to start a football revolution. Shining bright on the pitch gets a new definition with the exciting look of these launch Luna's. An iridescent white base gives you an undeniably bold look that works hard to let you and the details of the boots stand out all season long. Details in Total Orange span from the upper all the way down to the sole plate in an exciting and game changing look that will take you and your style to the next level. Topping off the look of these boots are finishings in black that make sure the boots pop and shine bright and take center stage all season long. Becoming an undeniable force on the pitch starts with the most undeniably powerful Nike soccer cleats. Throughout the latest iteration of the Phantom silo we get technology and design that is engineered for stability and power in even the toughest moments of the match. A Nike Cyclone 360 traction pattern works hard to make quick and confident movement so you can cut with more speed and force than ever before. The upper is made with Nike Gripknit, a super sticky material that gives you a better touch on the ball. This high tech material covers the first 2 laces of the boots to give you a larger surface area to control the ball. Micro-molding textures works hard to help form to your foot while letting you hit the pitch in both wet and dry conditions. An asymmetric lacing system gives you a larger touch surface and allows for increased midfoot adjustability to accommodate players with flatter or higher arches. The collar features an asymmetrical Flyknit design that locks you into the boots and uses subtle ribs in the cuff for contact higher up the ankle.  

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