Nike Phantom Venom Elite FG – New Lights

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Nike Phantom Venom Elite FG

We'll take the blame for the shortage of New Lights pack Nike Phantom Venom Elite FG Soccer Boots. We've been glancing over our shoulders to see if someone's coming to get us for stashing warehouses full of these boots. We got that many because we really love these boots and our in-house squirrel, Sergio, has demanded we keep bringing more in for him. He doesn't want them sold, he just wants to stash them. So, if you've been looking for these boots, we're sorry to say we've got them but just are not selling them all. However, the plus is we've got some on sale including this one. If you don't see your size listed, email us and we'll have a word with Sergio.

The Phantom Venom is engineered for powerful, precise strikes that win games. Blades on the instep create spin to control the flight of the ball, while Flywire cables and a flexible plate provide the stability and traction needed to unleash at any moment.

Everyone wants these boots. We know. Get your pairs while you can!

Flyknit construction with Flywire cables adapts to your foot.
Instep blades create spin for precise, powerful strikes.
HyperReactive plate flexes for multi-directional traction.
Micro-texture is moulded into the toe and vamp for better ball control.
Foam wraps your heel for plant foot stability.
Textured NikeGrip top cloth helps hold your foot in place.

1 review for Nike Phantom Venom Elite FG – New Lights
  1. cwahl_922

    The boot is an ode to the total 90 laser boots, they bring back the power boot which has been gone for quite sometime. The boot is not like past power boots though,the shrills on the side are not actually rubber they are a lighter material that add a little extra grip to give you ball more spin. Along with the added feature of the side grip the boot features a similar ghost lacing system similar to that of the phantom but only half way, whether or not this really helps get a cleaner strike on the ball is not noticeable nor important but what is important is if your laces brake, good luck trying to change them out. The venom also features a new soleplate which gives you much more of a mercurial grip than the past hypervenom 3 and it still feels much grippier, it is made for the people such as the cam or the dm. The boot features multiple different textures along its face and does include “ACC” which no-one really knows what it is but if your boots have it you’re automatically better (not true). So the boots are nice but I’m not sure if they are a step up from the hypervenoms or not.

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