Nike Phantom Vision Academy FG – Under the Radar

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Nike Phantom Vision Academy Dynamic Fit MG

More than ever before, the Nike Phantom Vision really feels like the template which all soccer cleats should be judged by today. A cleat that's beautiful, a cleat that suits any style of player (pace, power, agility, pure speed), a cleat that is technically a work of art. The PhantomVSN is glorious and we don't just say this because we're soccer shoe nerds, we say this because we've seen every kind of cleat there is and we are more than suitably convinced that these ones have left no stone unturned in trying to make sure we're all happy, us soccer players. The motto of VSN is precision. A new level of precision. The Nike Phantom Vision Academy Dynamic Fit MG brings the fierce precision of street play to the pitch. A foot-hugging sleeve has a custom feel, and the Ghost Lace system tights with 1 pull and is hidden for a bigger striking surface. Buy these wonderful Nike Phantom Vision Academy MG Soccer Cleats from the Under the Radar pack today. There's nothing under the radar about these boots, we've just told you, they're the present and the future, get them today!

Fit that Feels Good
The internal bootie and Dynamic Fit collar work together to wrap and cushion your foot on the field.
Precise Touch
Ghost Laces system is concealed below a textured outer layer for a clean, precise touch. The laces tighten quickly with 1 pull.
Versatile Traction
A versatile multi-ground plate provides traction on natural- and artificial-grass surfaces.
Lightweight insole delivers low-profile cushioning
Multi-ground (MG) cleats are for use on short-grass or artificial surfaces


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