Nike Phantom Vision Elite MG – Youth – Black/Metallic Silver/Racer Blue

Part # ao3289 004 by Nike

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Youth PhantomVSN Elite MG - Black/Silver/Blue

The pure lethalness of the Kids Nike Phantom Vision Elite MG Soccer Cleats will leave you skeptical about whether what you hold in your hands is actually real. Even if you've seen great soccer cleats for your kids, these shoes are probably a notch above anything else you've seen in quality and looks. They manage to balance comfort, speed, quality, durability, appeal and just sheer gorgeousness into this little package of greatness. Trust us, they are an example of why we continue to love soccer gear!

The Nike Jr. Phantom Vision Elite Dynamic Fit Big Kids' Multi-Ground Soccer Cleat gives you an unrivaled fit and excellent cleat-to-ball connection. It’s built for players who need precision and control on the field. A versatile multi-ground plate provides traction on multiple kinds of surfaces like natural and artificial grass. Like every other Youth Soccer Cleat at SoccerPro, these shoes come with our differentiation, they come with ridiculously fast shipping and a touch of class from us, buy them now!

Custom Fit Out of the Box

Perfect Connection With the Ball

Lightweight, Aggressive Traction

Multi-ground (MG) cleats for use on firm ground (FG) and artificial grass (AG)


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