Nike Phantom Vision Elite MG – Youth – Team Red/Metallic Dark Grey/Bright Crimson

Part # AO3289 606 by Nike

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Youth Phantom Vision Elite MG - Team Red

Don't let the name fool you, there's nothing ghostly about this shoe. Well, that's actually a lie, this shoe features ghost lace technology. But I digress. There's nothing to be scared of when it comes to the Kids Phantom Vision Elite MG, except maybe how scary good you're going to be on the pitch! No shoe helps a passing inclined player more than these, and with the awesome Rising Fire colorway, you'll look good while you leave your opponent at a loss with your deft passing touch!

Let me assure you, there's more to this shoe than just an awesome colorway! The ghost lace construction hides your laces in order to make sure your touch on the ball never gets affected by those pesky strings. Covered in Nike ACC but also featuring an enhanced patterned strike zone, this shoe controls the ball at your feet and as you send your ultra accurate passes and shots! With a versatile multi ground sole-plate, this shoe is built for all matches. Order your Nike PhantomVSN shoes today!

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