Nike Premier League Magia Match Soccer Ball – 2019/20

Part # sc3621 100 by Nike

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English Premier League Magia Soccer Ball

What's actually the best soccer ball in the world? Well, it's hard for us to argue against the Nike EPL Magia Soccer Ball. Whether in practice or in matches, this ball holds its own. This may not be the official match ball used for games but it is really an exciting ball that is efficient and gets you the best of fun. Trust us, this ball is an upgrade on anything you've been practicing with.

Easy tracking, true flight, that's the top system for success in the sport and this ball does that. The English Premier League Magia Soccer Ball features a paneled design with high-contrast EPL graphics to help you track the ball. Get this ball and all your other Nike Soccer Match Balls from SoccerPro always!

Nike Aerow Trac grooves provide accurate ball flight.

High-contrast EPL graphic for better visual tracking.

Traditional multi-paneled design is fuse welded for excellent response.

Materials: 40% synthetic leather/40% rubber/15% polyester/5% cotton


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