Nike Prestige Soccer Ball – Level Up

Part # SC3898 100 by Nike

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Nike Prestige Soccer Ball

Focus on the hot looks of this ball for a moment. It is easy to justify buying ten of these balls. Everyone who sees them will understand why you need to do that. It's such a beautiful soccer ball. It screams FUN through and through. The great thing about the Level Up Nike Prestige Soccer Ball is that it's not just a fun ball that's beautiful. It is a soccer ball that really is the equivalent of good quality. It will hold up in those little backyard scrimmages.

The Nike Mercurial Prestige Soccer Ball has a textured casing for great touch and feel. The graphics bring together designs from past Mercurial cleats. Peep our other Nike Soccer Balls today!

Textured casing offers great touch and feel.

Rubber bladder helps maintain air pressure and shape.

Graphics remix designs from past Mercurials.

26-panel design

Materials: 60% rubber/15% polyurethane/13% polyester/12% EVA


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