Nike Pro Futsal Ball – White/Bright Crimson/Racer Blue

Part # SC3971 100 by Nike

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Nike Pro Soccer Ball

We're huge fans of the board game Monopoly. When we play, we aim to win all the time. We are intense and we're sore losers because we're not sure how to deal with failure. We love greatness and all the things we love are encapsulated in this Nike Pro Futsal Ball. It's perfectly suited to the intense nature of the futsal game. It's beautiful, it's a winning ball!

The Nike Pro Soccer Ball provides exceptional touch and control for the small-sided game. It has high-contrast graphics that are easy to read. The durable design is textured for ball control.

The best soccer balls are at SoccerPro always. Dip your toes into the greatness, shop right now.

Hand-sewn construction is durable and abrasion resistant.
Textured casing provides great touch and feel.
Official Futsal size and weight.


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