Nike PSG Large Crest Tee – Light Bone

Part # 898625 072 by Nike

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PSG Crest Tee

We were dancing with the vigorousness you'd associate with a Capoeira fighter when we first laid eyes on this Nike PSG Large Crest Tee. Why? Why is a good question ask. We'll give you the answer but first we insist that you look at how much it costs right now. Also, we ask that you browse thru all the available pictures that show the shirt up top. Okay, done? Are you dancing yet? If you're not then you must not be a PSG fan of any kind of seriousness because if you were, you'd be dancing for joy that this is a shirt you could be buying right now!

How does the shirt feel? It feels amazing. It's super comfy and that supporters pride will pulse thru your chest as you pull it on. This Paris Saint-Germain Football T-Shirt puts your team pride upfront with a screen-printed crest, while cotton fabric helps keep you comfortable all day. Buy this shirt and an accompanying PSG Jersey right now!

Team colors and crest are displayed throughout.

Ribbed neckline helps the top stay in place.

Crew-neck design offers a comfortable fit.



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