Nike PSG Prestige Soccer Ball – Challenge Red/Midnight Navy

Part # SC3003 600 by Nike

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Nike PSG Prestige Soccer Ball

Nike PSG Prestige Nike PSG Prestige Soccer Ball
PSG is ready for the spotlight. The most popular team in France has been playing with the weight of a nation on it's shoulders. Following the Paris attacks many people have been searching for an escape from the horrors they witnessed on that night. PSG is doing just that for their fans. The unity of this team is a direct reflection of the unity that France has displayed since that horrendous attack took place. Now you can join in the cause by purchasing this Nike PSG Prestige Soccer Ball.
This soccer ball looks awesome! Sporting the classic PSG colors of red, navy, and white this ball couldn't look more French! The excellent air retention of this ball will make it much easier on you because you won't have to worry about filling it with air all the time. The durability of this soccer ball is also a huge contributing factor to its greatness. So don't wait! Get yours today!
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