Nike SCCRX Premier Futsal Ball – Total Orange/Bright Citrus

Part # SC3037 810 by Nike

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Nike SCCRX Premier Futsal Ball - Total Orange & Bright Citrus

Nike Premier Ball
What better place to practice your skills than while playing futsal. Indoor soccer is a fast paced game and you can develop crazy footwork after hours of practice. To become a skill master the Nike SCCRX Premier Futsal Ball is the perfect fit!

This ball is simply brilliant. The total orange and bright citrus color combination is fantastic and it will standout on the pitch. Nike equipped this ball with the latest and best technology to keep it in great condition. What are you waiting for? Order this awesome ball now!

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Official Futsal size and weight gives you an authentic feel.

Smooth PU reflective casing is abrasion resistant and provides exceptional touch.

Tuned, low-bounce bladder enhances control and provides superior air retention.


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