Nike Strike X Soccer Ball – Obsidian/Gamma Blue

Part # SC3093 451 by Nike

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Nike Strike X Soccer Ball - Obsidian & Gamma Blue

How are you going to play soccer without a ball? You cant! Its the only piece of equipment you cant do without! Every player has their preferences and favorites, but we all recognize a class ball when we see one! Its so much more than a piece of the game, it is the game itself! Once you get your hands on the awesome Nike Strike X Soccer Ball, we at SoccerPro know you're going to have a new favorite ball!
Nike puts their amazing reputation for quality and performance into every single product they make. This soccer ball adheres to their high standards, reaching the levels you expect from the swoosh! With a 32 panel design and TPU casing, this ball has flies accurately and gives you a soft touch on the pitch. Machine stitching promises that this ball will last a long time, and let you use it in your games and training for many matches to come! Have a ball, and order this incredible soccer ball today!
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32-panel design helps provide true and accurate flight.


TPU casing provides optimal touch.


Machine stitching helps enhance durability.








12% EVA


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