Nike Superfly 6 Pro FG – Black/Black

Part # ah7368 001 by Nike

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Black Nike Superfly 6 Pro FG

Have you ever wanted to take something normal... and paint it black? There's always a certain level of mystique, of style, that comes with anything all black! With the Black Superfly 6 Pro, there's no need for paint - it comes blacked out straight out of the box! With all the features that have made the Superfly one of the most popular shoes around, and a colorway as dark as the hearts of your enemies, this shoe is the perfect fit to take your game to the next level! The Superfly burst onto the scene just a few years ago, and through its subsequent iterations, its never looked back! This edition is made from a premium synthetic upper covered in the excellent Nike All Conditions Control coating to keep the ball glued to your feet in any scenario.  Any Mercurial Superfly has to have unparalleled speed, and with an ultralight construction and Chevron studs, there's no better way to go fast than these! Order yours now, and never go back!

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