Nike Superfly 6 Pro FG – Wolf Grey/Light Crimson/Pure Platinum

Part # AH7368 060 by Nike

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Superfly 6 Pro FG - Wolf Grey

What's interesting to me is there are players who don't think it's important to be fast on the soccer pitch. They're willing to just amble about at their own pace, no sense of urgency, and no energy. You've got to keep your opponent on their heels! Using your blistering speed in order to knock opposing defense off balance is the only choice! Your shoes need to not only be light and agile, but be able to perform at top speed as well! Only a shoe like the Nike Superfly 6 Pro will do! Let's start with the colorway. Wolf Grey and Light Crimson is a new look for the Mercurial Superfly but it's certain to go down as one of the good ones. This is the first Pro version to also include the amazing Nike All Condition Control coating that makes sure the ball stays glued to your feet while you're sprinting at full tilt! A Flyknit collar links the leg and foot while providing support for the wearer's ankle. Let's not forget this is a sole plate build for speed. Order yours today!

Micro-textured, premium synthetic upper creates a second-skin-like feeling.

All Conditions Control (ACC) provides high-speed touch on wet or dry pitches.

Podular plates mirror foot’s shape and provide responsive traction.

Embossed speed ribs flow from toe to heel.

Perforations in heel lining provide breathability.

Flyknit Dynamic Fit Collar links the foot and lower leg while leaving the ankle free to move.

Chevron studs facilitate bursts of speed and quick stops.


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