Nike Team Magia II Match Soccer Ball – NFHS

Part # SC3537 100 by Nike

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Nike NFHS Magia 2 Soccer Ball

How do you get people to change their mind about something? How do you get a baseball lover to get into soccer? Flip a tennis obsessed person to the beautiful game? You can start with this Nike Magia Match Soccer Ball. This ball is a round bit of guaranteed fun. It is a very small part of this great sport of soccer but without the ball, there's no sport right? And there're different kinds of balls bringing different levels of fun. This is not the kind of ball the pros play with but this ball is 100% fun. A key component of Nike Soccer Balls is that they're super durable. That's a good thing to have when you try to convert people. The highlight of this ball is it is very easy to track in flight. Designed for the modern player, the Nike NFHS Magia 2 Soccer Ball features a 12-panel design with an energetic, high-contrast graphic that makes it easy to track. Buy this ball today, have fun!

12-panel design is fuse welded for excellent response.

Nike Aerowtrac grooves provide ball accuracy.

High-contrast graphic for better visual tracking.



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