Nike Tiempo Legend 8 Elite FG – Nuovo White

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Tiempo 8 Elite FG

In the battle of giants that can be the soccer shoe game, the emergence of Nike Soccer Shoes sometime in the early 90s marked the turning of the age. The Big Swoosh came down and methodically smoked all comers and right to these days there's no bigger rush for a soccer player than putting on some cleats by Nike. The way the brand took over the 1994 World Cup is one feat that continues to be spoken of with reverence around the world and the shoes that led that intro have evolved and now wear multiple colors other than black, and the latest iteration of those shoes is here in all its full glory and majesty. The special nature of the Nike Tiempo Legend 8 Elite FG Soccer Cleats simply cannot be overstated. This Nuovo White pack is something that you have to understand the gist of. The old Tiempos came in black, pure black, and the white Swoosh. This pack is a base white shoe, it's just unstoppable, that feeling of adrenalin that comes with getting a pair of these boots. Leather goodness like nothing else, majestic fit, insane strength, superb build. We at SoccerPro would like to issue a statement - this is the greatest Tiempo ever made. Buy a pair right now. NOTE: This product contains K-leather and is not available for sale or shipment to California.



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