Nike TiempoX Ligera IV IC – 10R – Black/Metallic Gold

Part # AQ2202 007 by Nike

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TiempoX Ligera IV IC 10R - Black/Metallic Gold

It's just a matter of time before you recognize that it is powerless to fight the urge to buy these shoes. The black and metallic gold Nike TiempoX Ligera IV Indoor Soccer Shoes are some of the flyest looking shoes we've ever seen, period! This isn't just a matter of our opinion, this is a globally tested fact and you can count on our research always being the best. In terms of style, it meets every obligation you'll ever have. In terms of fit, it's great as Tiempos always are, it's comfy, it's sharp. We're yet to hear of any shoes that rival Tiempo in that aspect. This House of Cards is stoutly built! Value is maximized with this shoe too.

Cushioned touch and that famed Ronaldinho class are the hallmarks here. This Nike Tiempo combines the classic touch of calf leather with 10R details, like a throwback quilted toe, that celebrate Ronaldinho’s success in storied cities throughout his career. Wear it fully, it's fabulous. Buy it today!

Calf leather with throwback quilted toe provides cushioned touch.

Colorway is inspired by Ronaldinho’s success in storied football cities.

Tongue loop provides easy on-and-off.

Molded sockliner enhances comfort.

Rubber outsole provides reliable traction on indoor and court surfaces.


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