Nike VaporX 12 Pro IC – White/Metallic Cool Grey/Total Orange

Part # AH7387 107 by Nike

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Nike VaporX 12 Pro IC - White/Metallic Cool Grey/Total Orange

Whether on grass or indoors, everyone is looking for an edge. Oftentimes, that edge can come from just a little extra speed. Where can you add speed to your game? Well, with your footwear of course! The Nike VaporX 12 Pro IC - White/Metallic Cool Grey/Total Orange is not only one of the many options out there, its the best! Rip up the small sided game and leave swathes of bewildered opponents in your wake! What's the most important thing to have in your shoes when playing indoors? It depends who you ask, but with this shoe, its the perfect pairing of speed and control! This ultralight Flyknit shoe is built to help you move fast. Then there's the 3D printed outsole which gives you ultimate touch on the ball even as you careen around wildly at breakneck pace! The only thing that could make it better would be non marking rubber sole with tri star flex grooves for increased traction. Oh it has that too! Well then I guess it means its time to order your Nike Indoor Soccer Shoes today!

Stretchy bootie hugs your foot for a supportive fit.

3-D HyperScreen print helps grip the ball for touch at high speeds.

Flexible textile upper conforms to your foot for a second-skin-like feel.

Tri-star flex grooves enhance traction on indoor/court surfaces.

Non-marking rubber outsole features a herringbone pattern.


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