Nike Womens E4 Short Light Blue/Obsidian

Part # 478022 498 by Nike

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Nike Womens E4 Soccer Shorts - Blue

  Sometimes you want more from Womens Soccer Shorts than just to play soccer in them...sometimes you want shorts you can get down to a good dance with, sometimes you want them good enough to wear to the grocery store without looking like you fell out of Oscar the Grouch's trash can. You want shorts which can multitask impressively. We give you the light blue and bright citrus Nike E4 Womens Shorts! This knit short utilizes Dri-Fit moisture-wicking technology and a brief to guarantee superior comfort. The body is 100% polyester warp knit mesh while the side panels are 100% polyester basic interlock. Simply put, these are some of the most comfortable and durable shorts you can buy. Get more from your soccer shorts and look good while doing so...Sergio approves! Get your pair today!

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