Nike Womens E4 Short Pink Force/Turquoise

Part # 478022 608 by Nike

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Nike Women's E4 Soccer Shorts - Pink

  When Humpty-Dumpty had a great fall off the wall and all the king?s men couldn?t put him back together, do you know what he was doing on the wall? He was looking at all the awesome Womens Soccer Shorts on display by Sergio and the lads from the Batcave! This particular pink force and electro orange Nike E4 Womens Shorts had caught his eyes and he was wondering what it would cost to buy his girlfriend some! This knit short utilizes Dri-Fit moisture-wicking technology and a brief to guarantee superior comfort. The body is 100% polyester warp knit mesh while the side panels are 100% polyester basic interlock. Simply put, these are some of the most comfortable and durable shorts you can buy. They are so awesome that poor Humpty lost all his bearings upon sighting them! If Humpty Dumpty can appreciate some awesome gear so should you! Get your pair today!

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