Nike Womens Tempo Short Polarized Pink/White

Part # 716453 668 by Nike

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Nike Womens Tempo Shorts - Pink

Officially, Nike calls the colors on these Womens Nike Tempo Shorts polarized pink and the batcave, we call it brilliance magnified! These superbly comfortable shorts add a dash of style and beauty to the simple elegance of soccer shorts like only Nike knows how to do!

These womens soccer shorts are designed using Nike's Dri-FIT microfiber to ensure you're comfortable as long as you're wearing them. Additionally, the tapered mesh sides and elastic waistband help to keep air flowing and provide an optimal range of motion, so you won't feel constricted while you're running or just lounging around!

Get yourself engaged in the brilliance and awesomeness of soccer and utilize the beauty of Nike to fully immerse in the sport! No need to thank SoccerPro, we just do what we do, provide you with awesomeness for free!

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