adidas Predator Tango 19.1 TR – Initiator Pack

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adidas Predator Tango 19.1 TR - Initiator Pack

We are adidas nerds. We admit this freely. We love the superb three stripe company's products because they're super duper majestic. Check out this adidas Predator Tango 19.1 Trainer for an example of why. This shoe looks like the goddess of coolness stepped down from her throne and created this shoe with her hands. There should be a warning label that says "This Shoe Will Blow Your Mind: Buyer Beware" stuck on the side. It's just outrageously good looking. We're trying not to get driven out of our minds here.

If you can't step up when life spins out of control, step away from the Predators. These soccer shoes take design cues from their iconic on-field counterparts. The knit textile upper wraps around your foot for added stability. A layer of responsive cushioning helps deliver the energy to make sure you're ready for anything. You have the freedom to buy all the best adidas Predator from us, we won't judge you as you buy in multiples. Shop now!

Lace closure

Anatomically designed textile upper with color-shifting details

Rubber outsole

Responsive Boost midsole

Snug, sock-like fit


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