PUMA Arsenal Camo Soccer Ball – Chili Pepper/Grey Dawn

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Puma Arsenal Camo Soccer Ball - Chili Pepper & Grey Dawn

Its tough to find a more loyal group of fans than the Gooners! They love their club, and they aren't afraid to show it! Whether its with Jerseys, shirts, face painting; there's so many ways to show your support. Why not also do it when you're kicking the ball around with your mates! With the Puma Arsenal Camo Soccer Ball , you can take the colors of Arsenal and apply them to your game!

You'll have a ball with this piece of gear! Ok you're right, that pun was pretty rough. But you cant deny that this is a sweet looking soccer ball! The camo pattern is incredible, and unlike any other piece of Arsenal gear on the market. Not just something to gaze at, this is a very functional soccer ball as well! A durable TPU casing with TPE foam gives this ball a soft touch! This is a must have for any Arsenal fan, so order yours today and ball out!

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TPU casing with TPE foam and polyester backing for soft touch

Machine stitched for durability

Great bounce and true flight characteristics

Soft feel and good shape retention

Stunning camo pattern with Arsenal graphics


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