PUMA Dassler Legacy King Top FG – White & New Navy with Eggnog

Part # 106681 01 by Puma

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PUMA King Top- Dassler Legacy FG

Rudolf Dassler, founder of PUMA, was obsessed with making the top quality footwear in the game. That idea has never changed, and PUMA is celebrating Rudi with the special edition Dassler Legacy edition of the PUMA King. This special edition features vintage Puma/Dassler branding and a traditional leather upper. Oh you wanted it to be more true to form? How about a nice fold-over tongue to really pump up those vintage vibes. Get a touch of tradition that has been re-tooled for the modern game in the Dassler Legacy PUMA King. Shop PUMA footwear to find the perfect fit for your game.  

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