PUMA evoPOWER 5.3 Futsal Ball – White/Green Gecko

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Puma evoPOWER 5.3 Futsal Ball - White and Green Gecko

As you dance your way through the futsal court (as you simply have to do when you play the beautiful indoor version of soccer), you need a ball that's a great accompanying partner. A ball that can speed up in a flash and slow down sharper than the brakes on a Ferrari LaFerrari. Simply put, you need a ball like this Puma evoPOWER 5.3 Futsal Ball.

The unique 32 panel design of this ball is already an attention grabber and combined with the fantastic white and green gecko colorway, it's a hit! You will also love the performance of this ball as it is made with the best materials and it passed FIFA's inspection to be classified as a top-level futsal ball. Top level touch, shape, bounce, and flight are what this ball showcases. Get this ball and many other Puma Soccer Balls at SoccerPro.com!

High quality training ball

32-Panel construction

Low rebound filled bladder

Polyester and viscose backing

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