PUMA Future 2.1 Netfit FG

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PUMA Netfit Future 2.1

Everyone's foot is just a little bit different. Even when you've been wearing one shoe for your entire soccer career, you'll have to replace it with another pair at some point, and that new version might be different, and hard to find that perfect fit! If only you could lace up your new shoes in the way that made them fit your foot and your game the best. Oh, what a world that would be! Sounds like a pipe dream though. Hold on, you're telling me the Netfit material in the PUMA Future 2.1 does exactly that? Well, then why aren't you wearing those!?

The Netfit is the core of what this Future has to offer. There are near infinite ways to lace up this shoe, so you'll be able to experiment and find the perfect fit for you! It also gives this PUMA soccer shoe a unique look that's sure to turn heads! A mix of conical and bladed studs create a versatile shoe which is equally at home in front of goal as it is tracking back on defense. A snug fit provided by the knitted sock means this shoe fits perfect every time. Order yours today, and get one awesome and versatile cleat!

Form-fitting textile upper with updated shape and new extra layers for more ball control

Knitted sock for snug ankle fit

Netfit lacing system for multiple lacing options and optimal fit

Lightweight Pebax outsole with mix of conical and bladed studs


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