Puma Future Pro Grip 2 Hybrid Cut Goalkeeper Gloves – Supercharge Pack

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Supercharge Pack PUMA Future Pro Grip 2 Hybrid Cut Goalkeeper Gloves

Ready to send your squad to the top of the league table this season? These PUMA goalkeeper gloves are designed to bring you the technology and style you need to become the ultimate goalkeeping superstar. The Supercharge Pack makes sure that these PUMA Future Pro Grip 2 goalkeeper gloves have a totally undeniable and ultra powerful look that the biggest goalkeeping legends are sporting on the pitch this season. A Blue Glimmer base gives you the most powerful and super sonic look that'll have every striker shaking in their boots this season. Details in Ultra Orange and white are found throughout the gloves and bring your style to the forefront of your game. If you want to play like a superstar you'll need the most powerful and undeniable pair of goalkeeper gloves in the beautiful game. These PUMA Future Pro Grip 2 Hybrid Cut Goalkeeper gloves have been engineered with the technology and features that will make sure you become a total menace between the posts. A Hybrid cut glove uses a Rollfinger on the outer fingers and negative cut on the inner fingers and thumbs to bring you stability and control that only the greatest keepers in the game are sporting. A 4mm Duo supersoft latex sits on the palms of the glove, bringing you control and grip that'll have you stopping even the most powerful strikes. A knitted backhand gives you an enhanced fit and better agility with a latex application to enhance your punching power every time you suit up in the gloves this season. The thumb is home to an extended latex palm thumbwrap to extend the catching area and maximize comfort in the gloves. An elasticated and removable wrist strap lets you sport the gloves with control and comfort all season long!

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