PUMA Future 1.2 FG – Faster Forward

Part # 106476 01 by Puma

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Puma Future Z 1.2 FG - Faster Forward

The Puma Future Z 1.2 FG builds off of what made the Future Z 1.1 such a good cleat. The FUZIONFIT+ band located in the center of the cleat makes sure the cleat forms around your foot, not the other way around. This gives you a comfortable one to one feeling in the Future Z 1.2 as any player would want. The FUZIONFIT+ band paired with the EVOKNIT PRO upper and collar is arguably the comfiest upper around. Puma didn't stop there though! The toe box has memory foam placed in between the EVOKNIT PRO and liner to provide a cushioned and padded touch for a great touch. A thin layer of GRIPCONTROL PRO lines the thin upper to provide maximum grip on the ball. Puma wanted to create their most comfortable cleat without losing out on any performance and they did just that. If you're looking for an amazing touch while feeling like you're stepping in a cloud, look no further.

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