PUMA La Liga Orbita 1 Official Match Soccer Ball – 2022/23

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PUMA La Liga Orbita 1 Official Match Ball

BREAKING NEWS: PUMA is now the OFFICIAL Match Ball of La Liga! The Orbita 1 is high-end, high-tech, and now the official ball we’ll see in play during the 22/23 fútbol season.

This PUMA Orbita ball has a modern design, fresh color combinations, and sophisticated tech that helps us win the ball every time. This ball a certified FIFA Quality Pro, meaning it’s exactly what the pros play with at the highest level achievable. There are 12 equal panels, designed for optimal flight, traction, durability and aerodynamics. There’s so much you want a soccer ball to do, and PUMA has innovated this ball to be one of the best.

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