PUMA One 1 FG – Leather

Part # 104925 01 by Puma

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Leather PUMA One 1 FG

There are so many materials soccer shoes are made out of these days. You can invest in space-age materials to help your game, or you can stick with good, old-fashioned Leather! Its always been the go-to for soccer shoes, and it makes any shoe better. That's why the Leather PUMA One is such a great shoe! You get all of the features that have set the One near the top of PUMA's shoe offering. No matter what your game looks like on the pitch, allow this shoe's rich, supple leather help to prove you're the best out there!

Why choose leather over some synthetic? The answer is very simple. You get more protection, more support, better touch, and a softer feel. Trust us, we've done the research. Don't discount the other aspects the PUMA One brings to the table. The one-piece construction allows for better fit and feel. Also, the sole-plate provides great traction and stability no matter what position you take up on the pitch! If you're ready to invest in another pair of soccer shoes, then choose leather, or choose nothing at all!

Order your Puma ONE shoes from SoccerPro today! The awesomeness is too much to let it pass you by!

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