PUMA Ultra Ultimate FG – Eclipse Pack

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Eclipse Pack PUMA Ultra Ultimate Firm Ground Cleats

Emerge from the shadows in a pair of these PUMA Ultra Ultimate Soccer Cleats from the Eclipse Pack! The speediest and most undeniable players of the beautiful game don't need a pair of flashy boots to prove how freaky fast they are. These boots from the Eclipse Pack are here to take you and your speed out from underground and onto the pitch this season. A black base throughout the entire pair of boots offers you the most powerful and undeniable look every time you lace up the boots. Details in white and grey offer you a look that'll make sure you have a pair of boots perfect for dominating the pitch this season. Take your speed to outer space when you lace up these undeniably fast PUMA soccer cleats! Engineered to be the most lightweight and quick boots in the game, you'll be ready to dominate and speed past any opponent this season. The upper is engineered with a high-performance ULTRAWEAVE material that features PWRPRINT on the upper to enhance your grip at even the highest speeds of the game. PWRTAPE on the heel is pair with a cushioned padding in the heel to lock you and keep you ready for action all season long. A dual-density SPEEDPLATE takes high speed track running technology and implements it into the sole plate of the boots, giving you enhance traction for quick sprints and take-off. Be the speediest player on the pitch when you grab a pair of these sweet Ultra Ultimate boots today!

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