Puma Ultra Ultimate FG – Fearless Pack

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Fearless Pack Ultra Ultimate Firm Ground Cleats

Be the most dangerous and fearless player on the pitch this season. These PUMA Ultra Ultimate Soccer Cleats from the Fearless Pack are designed to give you the look and feeling of the quickest and most legendary players to ever hit the pitch. Football legends never let obstacles and fear get in the way of their journey to the top. The Fearless Pack channels all that courageous and iconic energy and puts it into a new and super stylish pair of boots. To start off, the upper and soleplate both feature a Fiery Coral color that'll make you stand out and turn heads on the pitch this season. Adding to this bold look are small arrow graphics in Black and Fizzy Light colors that pair perfectly with the boots to give you a look that'll be the boldest and most legendary look this season. If you want to be fearless, give yourself the boots that are designed to make you stand out with these boots from the Fearless Pack. Being the fastest and most fearless player on the pitch doesn't mean you have to be uncomfortable in these sweet PUMA soccer cleats. The updated Ultra Ultimate features some of the most elite and even comfortable technology in the modern game, perfect for dominating  the pitch in style this season. The upper of these boots are engineered with ULTRAWEAVE technology, a lightweight high quality stretchy fabric that works to reduce weight and friction when you're hitting the pitch. To support and sustain this high quality upper is the all new PWRTAPE, which works to reinforce the upper to ensure it stays durable and ready for action all season long. PWRPRINT technology spans the entire upper to give you a crisp touch even at the highest speeds of the game. Making sure that you're stable and ready for those quick cuts and tricky moves is a redesigned Dual Density SPEEDPLATE outsole. The key to fearless speed is finally here, so don't walk, run and grab your pair today!  

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