Reusch Attrakt Freegel Speedbump Goalkeeper Gloves – Shocking Orange & Blue

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Shocking Orange & Blue Attrakt Freegel SpeedBump Goalkeeper Gloves

Be a brick wall in goal with these Reusch Attrakt Freegel SpeedBump Goalkeeper gloves! These Reusch Goalkeeper gloves are the perfect way to kick off your season in style. An iconic looking glove deserves a look perfect for the most elite goalkeepers to hit the field. The shocking orange upper of these gloves provide a bold look that will make you turn heads and instill fear in any attackers mind. Blue details also feature on the backhand of the gloves to top off the iconic look of the gloves. The bold style of these gloves is perfect for the players that want to prove just how skilled they really are. If you are looking for goalkeeper gloves with an unmatched design and technology, these are it. Freegel silicon material covers the back hand of the gloves for a larger and more supported punch zone. This material is also extremely flexible without sacrificing your stability and control of the ball. A cuff construction allows you to have a more stabile and comfortable fit on your wrist so you'll never have to sacrifice either again. SpeedBump technology adds a high tech foam on the palm of the glove with three-dimensional spikes on the surface. These SpeedBumps increase friction between the glove and the bal to ensure maximum control and grip on the ball. If you're looking for an increased palm area and catch zone, these are the gloves for you. A specially designed thumb wrap adds the extra catch area you've been looking for. Ventilation channels in the interior side of the fingers allow for a more breathable and comfortable fit to keep you prepared for all the biggest moment. Grab the best gloves and be a game changer this season!

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