Reusch Attrakt Speedbump Goalkeeper Gloves – Shocking Orange & Blue

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Shocking Orange & Blue Attrakt SpeedBump Goalkeeper Gloves

Show the world whose boss in the all new Attrakt SpeedBump Goalkeeper gloves. These Reusch Goalkeeper gloves have been designed to make you look as good as you play. What says power and strength like a glove with bold a bold color way and unique design. These Attrakt gloves have an upper that designed with a complete shocking orange finish that look as bold as they’ll make you feel. If you love the bold color, the blue details on the gloves add a look that is perfect for the world’s greatest goalkeepers. The look of these gloves are just as bold and game changing as the technology that are in them as well.

These high quality goalkeeper gloves are designed with revolutionary and game changing technology perfect for an elite goalkeeper. The new and attractive design from Reusch is designed so you can stop goals coming in at the most rapid speeds and ensure your stronger and more stable than ever. A preshaped construction on the gloves make sure that you’re comfortable and have a more natural feeling on your hands. An air vent system on the upper part of the glove along with small cut holes on the interior of the fingers ensure that you have a more breathable and comfortable feeling. The palm of the gloves have been engineered with a high tech SpeedBump foam material that gives you maximum friction and unlimited control. The palm of these gloves have been based off Reusch’s tacky Grip Gold lated that gives you an improved weather grip and a glue-like touch. These gloves offer added support with the thumb wrap that for an expanded catch zone perfect for dominating the field.


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