Reusch Elbow Protector Deluxe Black

Part # 3177514 by Reusch

$19.78 msrp $21.99


Reusch Protector Deluxe Elbow Pads

Here at SoccerPro, we want to make sure that you're protected all of the time. Safety first, right? A goalkeeper's job can be strenuous, and while diving side to side so often, it's easy to bang up bones and joints. The Reusch Elbow Protector Deluxe is made to keep you protected!

Made specifically for goalkeepers, the Elbow Protector Deluxe is made with EVA padding. It's durable and keeps you super protected. Designed similarly to a knee pad, the elbow pad was created with extreme flexibility in mind. Being able to bend your elbows is no issue here!

So if you're tired of bruises on your elbows, the Reusch Elbow Protector Deluxe will help keep you in your best health! Find it today in our selection of soccer goalkeeper gear today.

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