Reusch Prisma Deluxe G3 Ortho-Tec Goalkeeper Gloves – Shocking Orange/Blue

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Prisma Deluxe G3 Ortho-Tec Gloves - Shocking Orange

From everything we know about Reusch Keeper Gear, we have gotten a burning passion for this brand that you'll get too when you delve into your gloves and goalie jerseys big time. We have to tell you, the work we put in leaves people here stunned by the dedication to glory that Reusch has. Quality, top craft, beauty, knowledge. This is what Reusch has put into every product they put out. There are many sides to this. The palm of the deluxe glove has DURAGUARD™ patch. That is a patch of hardground foam at the base of the palm is designed to keep foam at the base of the hand where it can wear out quickly and to assure foam is present when distributing the ball. The NEW German engineered and manufactured G3 Ultrasoft foam outranks its forerunner in terms of grip in dry and wet conditions. This new foam also improves the abrasion resistance; the addition of various components makes this palm material noticeably stronger. The Dual Rolled Expanse Cut ESS™ (Ergonomic Support System) uses a pattern that helps the fingers to be pre-splayed (spread so the keeper has a better hand position on the ball). Ergonomic EXTRA Palm Embossing has extra wide embossing lines for additional flexibility. There is a 3D Thumb Crotch™ that is one of Reusch's latest inventions. This rolled crotch construction between the thumb and the index finger eliminates any seams that can bother the keeper in an area that takes a lot of stress. The backhand base of flexible and breathable mesh material is rolled to the palm which supports an ergonomic fit and increases wearing comfort. The shocking orange palm is sure to draw the shooters eye! The BACKHAND OF GLOVE has Pro Latex foam all over. Embossed foam design makes the glove more flexible at many breakpoints. The new Wider Wrist Bandage gives the keeper a better fit and more control. The revolutionary Pro Flex™ technology offers excellent flexibility that improves the glove fit and performance. Reusch have combined specific stretch materials and applied their expert knowledge of soccer and glove technology to invent the best backhand flexibility and fit on the glove market. The free-floating, removable Ortho-Tec™ stay system anchors the individual finger-stays at the extreme end of the fingers and thumbs; thus allowing unsurpassed flexibility and customization in the glove. The latest cut from Reusch is the Backhand Side Wrap™ that wraps the backhand material around the side of the hand. This feature gives extra protection to the palm material and the keeper’s side of hand. Back hand side of finger tips have a silicone application to help control the ball when punching. There's even more when it comes to the construction of the Reusch Prisma Deluxe G3 Ortho-Tec Goalkeeper Gloves. We could take up all kinds of space talking about it. Just trust us, these gloves are immense. Get your pair today!

CONSTRUCTION: The upgraded wristband includes a stretch zone that allows the wristband to fit better for the keeper. Expanded Finger Tips (EFT™), Rolled Thumb Construction.

The two-piece dual density Ortho-Tec™ stays are removable in all the fingers AND the thumb


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