Reusch Pulse Deluxe G2 Goalkeeper Gloves – Black/Shocking Orange

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Reusch Pulse Deluxe G2 Goalie Gloves

Reusch Pulse Deluxe G2 Goalie Gloves Reusch Pulse Deluxe G2 Goalie Gloves
Sometimes we do not recognize greatness right away. Other times greatness hits us like a Ronaldo free-kick; hard. The Reusch Pulse Deluxe G2 Goalie Gloves are an example of the latter. These gloves will have strikers wishing they were goalies. If you are ready to dominate and become a master of the goal, then these gloves are for you. They have several features that will enhance the durability, comfort, and performance aspects of these awesome gloves.
These gloves have everything you could ask for. The black and shocking orange color combination is perfection. These gloves will make you ready for action and we all know you are. The G2 ultrasoft palm will give you that soft touch that all goalies are looking for. Also the ultrasoft palm will keep your glove in excellent condition so that you can continue to dominate with these beauties for years to come. There is so much more to these gloves that we could go on forever, but we will let you see for yourself. Purchase your pair today!
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Shockshield Advanced: The damping material and up embossment on the backhand of the glove provide the goalkeeper with more safety, advanced protection and better ball control when defending with punching.


Pro Flex: Pro Flex™ offers excellent flexibility. Combining specific materials and applying our expertise knowledge of soccer glove technology we invented the best backhand flexibility for soccer gloves on the market.


Catch Control 2.0: Based on the lines of natural fingerprints of human hands the glove palm gets a special silicone pattern on the fingertips. This print offers additional grip in dry conditions. More profile, more adhesion, more power!


Ergonomic Support System: The anatomical shape of the glove and the pre-spreaded fingers make the ESS support a natural catching position. The latex that is slightly pulled up on the little finger side provides a larger catching area and a tighter optimized fit.


Expanded Finger Tips: Maximizing the palm especially the part around the finger tips enlarges the catching area of the glove and so guarantees an even higher safety and better control when touching the ball.

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