Reusch Pure Contact II G3 Speedbump Goalkeeper Gloves

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Reusch Pure Contact II G3 Speedbump Keeper Gloves

A lot more touches, a lot more action, a lot more Reusch! This Reusch Pure Contact II G3 Goalie Glove is the focus of this piece and the focus of every serious goalkeeper in the world today. These gloves look superb. They feel superb, they are superb. If you're interested in straight up performance, you cannot go better than these. This glove provides top-of-the-line grip, featuring G3 latex and brand new Speedbump technology. The minimalist lightweight construction and new latex technology is what you need, trust us! Reusch's new German engineered and manufactured G3 Speedbump foam palm. Reusch created a 3D structured palm of 2 Ultrasoft G3 layers to manufacture the black Speedbump dots that you see on the palm. These geometrically placed dots act as increased impact absorption, which raises the friction level between the glove and the ball. This helps the goalkeeper reduce the speed of the ball and hold on to more shots. More friction leads to higher ball control and ultimately increased grip, feel and performance. Get these gloves and all your other Reusch Goalkeeper Gear from SoccerPro!

CUT: The Evolution Negative Cut offers a negative finger with roll finger tips. All the grip and surface area of a Roll Finger with improved comfort and mobility. Gloves slide on and off with ease. Fits like a custom made glove.

BACKHAND: Perforated Neoprene with silicone accents. Lightweight FreeFlex provides a snug fitting, extremely flexible one-piece backhand for a secure second skin feel. One-piece system extends through to the wrist area for exceptional comfort, while providing extra support to the wrist.

CLOSURE: Asymmetric slip-on cuff features a integrated half-stretch velcro strap. Easy to get on and off and provides good support for the wrist.


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