Reusch Pure Contact II R3 Goalkeeper Gloves – Red

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Pure Contact II R3

You won't need any other gloves once you get these Reusch Pure Contact R3 Keeper Gloves. These gloves are everything you'll ever need as a goalie, for training and matches, you won't want another pair of gloves on. These set a standard that other gloves struggle to match up to. Where others may see a beautiful pair of gloves and nothing more, we see a glove that combines all the technical details goalies crave for all conditions and surfaces. These gloves are really remarkable and you can find out more about those 'tech specs' in the next tab over.

One thing we all know about Reusch Goalie Gloves is they put the star back into goalkeeping. This glove offers the goalkeeper the sleek Pure Contact cut with the durable R3 mega solid latex. The R3 provides an excellent balance of grip and durability for keepers playing on turf or hard ground. Get them today and see how great they truly are.

PALM – The R3 Megasolid provides goalkeeper’s with the balance durability and grip that they are looking for. The R3 latex is a perfect option for use on turf, indoor or hard ground surfaces. The extended palm feature, through the wrist, increases latex to ball contact even when a shot is mishandled.

BACKHAND – One piece FreeFlex backhand of breathable mesh and silicone accents for more flexibility and ball control. The one piece system extends through to the wrist area to increase stability and support throughout the backhand of the glove.

CUT – Evolution Negative Cut – Negative finger body with roll finger tips. The one piece mesh glove body and negative cut make this one of the best fitting goalkeeper gloves available.

CLOSURE – Asymmetric slip-on cuff with integrated half stretch strap makes this glove very easy to get on and off


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