reusch Pure Contact III G3 Speedbump Goalkeeper Gloves – Deep Blue & Shocking Orange

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Deep Blue & Shocking Orange Pure Contact III G3 SpeedBump Goalkeeper Gloves

Become one with the ball in the Pure Contact III G3 SpeedBump Goalkeeper gloves! These super sweet and stylish Reusch goalkeeper gloves are the perfect way to prove that you're one of the world's greatest goalkeepers. An eye catching look features on both the back hand and palm of the gloves for a look that your opponents will see and fear. These bold gloves feature a Deep Blue backhand pattern that pairs with a Shocking Orange that'll make you stand out from every player on the field. This also pairs with a shocking orange palm with deep blue details on the SpeedBumps for perfect precision and an unmatched look. Goalkeeper gloves are meant to be both comfortable and technologically advanced. These gloves have been designed to give you a more natural feeling on the ball and create a fit perfect for stopping every shot that comes your way. SpeedBumps have been added to the palm to guarantee a glue-like touch so goals won't be getting in the back of the net anytime soon. All-weather grip and abrasion resistance are added with SpeedBump technology for the most elite gloves on the market. The Reusch Pure Contact goalkeeper gloves are home to a neoprene Freeflex backhand that is extremely flexible but is still very durable and stable. This glove is in a snug fitting Evolution Negative cut that molds perfectly to the shape of your hand so saves are easier than ever.

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